Frequently Asked Questions about PVO

Here are some of the most asked questions from our customers.
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1) Scaling

Scale the template by 2,000% to obtain full 1:1 scale. Please note that some design applications require that you scale in two steps:

All versions of Illustrator have a maximum page size that prevents editing templates at full size. However, do the following:
1. In Illustrator, scale the template by 166.666%. This obtains a scale of 1″ = 1′ for editing.
2. When ready to print, use the printer settings to further scale by 1,200%, which will obtain the actual vehicle size.

In Gerber Advantage, you must do a two-step resize. With the entire vehicle selected, first resize by 1,000%, and then by an additional 200%.

2) Site Check

Check the vehicle for things like:

  • Fender flairs, badges that change from model to model
  • Plastic trim
  • Aftermarket products
  • Dents
  • Rust
  • Measure a few points on the vehicle to make sure your customer gave you the right info about the vehicle. You wouldn’t believe how many people don’t know exactly what vehicle they have. Especially with some makes have multiple model styles.

3)  Resolution

Resolution is normally in the 75-200dpi range at max.

  • Always test images before you go to print. Make sure they don’t have a lower resolution then 75. If they do they will most likely be pixelated and won’t look good when printed.
  • You don’t need to have 300dpi images being printed. That would be just wasting ink. 9 times out of 10 the wrap will be moving, and the customer won’t be able to tell.

4) Bleed

Must be 6 inches on all sides. If you have larger curvatures on the vehicle like fender flairs, make sure to measure and adjust the bleed accordingly.

Designing with a bleed. All sign software’s have a clip option. You will create a squared image around the template that will represent your vinyl. Every vehicle template has a solid outline. You can ungroup and select the outline and then you can clip your background image to it. This clips the bleaded area inside the template to show the finished concept.

5) Design options

On average you see a vehicle wrap for 2-4 seconds at max. In that time, you need to understand what that company offers and have a stand out image that you will remember.

Keep the design simple yet and eye catching:

  • Don’t busy up the image with bullet points or multiple graphics. Your eye should always focus on the company name first.
  • Do a quick test by looking at your designed image for 2-4 seconds. Make sure your eye focuses on the company name and what they do. If not, you may want to change your design.
  • Try to include images in the wrap that will quickly associate the vehicle to what the company offers to the public.
  • Additional info like phone numbers or email addresses can be put on the back of the vehicle. Its normally seen longer in stop and go traffic.

6) Printing

Vertical Panels: Make sure to print with around 1 inch overlay between vertical panels this is done in the RIP software. You can change the overlay amount depending on the climate you live in. Temperature can cause vinyl to move. Bumping panels up flush to each other can end up having the vinyl pull away and see the vehicle color under the wrap.

Horizontal Panels: Printing this option minimizes the overlay lines but is much tougher to work with. It normally needs multiple people to help hold the vinyl and a very skilled installer. It has better looking effects binging seamless.

Our vehicle templates come in AI (Adobe Illustrator) file format, which is a commonly supported format for importing into SignLab, CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PhotoShop, Gerber Advantage, and FlexiSign.

Ungroup the imported vehicle template. Depending upon the template complexity, and the way in which your design software imports AI file objects, be aware that there can be nested groups.

We do not sell individual years. Your initial purchase of PVO Pro Edition entitles you to the current year, plus all previous years as a bonus. For subsequent years, upgrading at reduced cost will keep your collection current.

We do not sell individual templates. Our pricing for the collection and upgrades ensure that we are capable of reliably maintaining accuracy and consistency with new vehicle models each year.

Your choice and placement of artwork is key in identifying problem areas of the vehicle. Always watch for vehicle contours that would not be readily apparent in a two-dimensional template. For example, a front or rear view may not effectively illustrate a sloped window.

Having vehicle templates as a resource is fantastic for saving time and effort during the initial design. However, to avoid wasted material, perform some test measurements of the actual vehicle prior to output. Trouble areas to check are often windows, door seams, and handles.

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What customers are saying...

  • Wanted to take as moment and thank Luke Green w/ ProVehicle for his outstanding customer service. His attention to detail matched our expectations and professional standards that we here at Signarama embody. Thank you Luke for such a great experience from the beginning to end. Long term customers we plan on being because of you!
    — Signarama “Puyallup”
  • We picked up the update yesterday from CADlink. Wow, what an amazing presentation with that USB key. Not just the key, but the box and the foam bed too!. Top notch super awesome. Kudos and long live PVO! You guys are doing a great job.
    — Tristan
  • Pro Vehicle Outlines are by far the most accurate templates we have used. Whether doing a full wrap or cut vinyl graphics, we always trust the accuracy of these templates. We have used others only to find they fall short of the quality provided by the PVO team". Keep up the great work!
    — Greg Evanko
  • What I have liked since being a PVO user is the confidence I have that when sizing up any vehicle graphic, and especially wraps, that the size comes out true…PVO seems to take an attention to these details for us…their customers but more so for our customers…thanks PVO!
    — Tim Armstrong
  • I've done 32 Peterbilts...lettering and pinstriping....from 32 the job every time because the customers were impressed by my prep work (utilizing Pro Vehicle Outlines).
    — Lettercraft
  • PVO shares the same vision as we do... to be a company that produces only the best quality product, with only the best quality service. What would it say about our quality if we settled for less when it came to choosing the supplier of such a vital tool in our day to day production? Using any other template maker would be settling for less. We don't settle for less. We use Pro Vehicle Outlines.
    — Jamie
  • I use templates for designing vehicle wraps, decals, etc. and we offer them to our customers at no charge if we print their wraps. It is a great program.  
    — Kelly Staves Cohagan
  • As a company that specialized in vehicle wraps, it is important to work with companies that do as well. We have been incredibly impressed working with Luke Green from Pro Vehicle Outlines. The service and support I have personally receive for the past 5 years has been absolutely outstanding! I always get my emails and questions answered promptly and they are a company that specialists in their product which is exactly what I need. This type of service and relationship is what keeps me loyal to working with Pro Vehicle Outlines and I strongly recommend anybody looking for Vehicle Wrap templates and excellent support to use their software!  
    — Heather Wilkinson